Plant Shelves

Shelves aren’t just for books and knick-knacks! These stylish plant shelving units are a perfect addition to any home or office and will instantly give your room a burst of vitality. The shelves come in multiple sizes and because they’re meant to fit almost any space, they’re a breeze to incorporate into any room. Pull the outdoors into your home to boost the ambiance in a gorgeous, yet elegant way. Pro Plant Care will help you decide on the best unit and plant life to fit your space. These shelves can be used outdoors.

Plant Shelves

Shelf Unit 

  • 24″L x 8.25″D x 7″H: fits 3 plants…….$174.99 
  • 36″L x 8.25″D x 7″H: fits 4-5 plants….$219.99 
  • 48″L x 8.25″D x 7″H: fits 5-7 plants….$244.99


Case Unit (each unit has 4 shelves)

  • 16″W x 36.5″ H x 8.5″D: fits 8-12 plants…..$427.99 
  • 24″W x 36.5″H x 8.5″D: fits 12-16 plants….$864.99 
  • 32″W x 36.5″H x 8.5″D: fits 16-20 plants….$1,049.99

Wicks included in all options. Use 6” plants. Add water to shelf every 2-3 weeks. Plants can be provided, with wicks, cleaned and installed. $21.99/ plant.

Not a green thumb? Hire us to maintain, starting at $85/mos.

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