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Lesley and Gillian Nish 


“We’ve offered business services and programs since 1988. We recently moved into the south end of the old Brick building and enlisted Pro Plant Care to add the finishing touches with their beautiful tropical plants, best part, of course, is we don’t have to do anything,
not even the watering!”

Gillian Nish, founder and President


 Why Choose a Pro Plantscaper?

Your plantscaper will design a plant placement that provides the look or atmosphere that you want, and that is cohesive throughout your workplace and complementary to your decor.

A plantscaper is able to place plants where they are most visible but do not impede people’s movements or efficiency, and to recommend the right plants for your specific light conditions. In spite of the best of intentions, plants placed by business owners or employees often decline because no one has the necessary time and knowledge to keep them healthy. 

PIAIf you have in house people taking care of plants, you are paying their wage, CPP, EI, WCB and for their plant replacement$. You are paying for wear and tear on equipment, fertilizer, insect treatment, tools (shovels, sprayers, ties, stakes, cleaning cloths, buckets, watering cans, scissors, all sizes of pruners…) uniforms, training costs and human resources hiring costs. Are they certified? How much can you save?? With us, no more worries and a monthly budgeted amount that doesn’t fluctuate. Any plant replacements that are a result of our care or recommendations, we replace at our cost and on our time.


Our technicians are qualified, experienced, and well-trained. Each client has a designated technician to provide consistency in service and to meet security needs of our customers.


Watering • Trimming and Pruning • Cleaning • Fertilizing
Insect & Disease Control • Transplanting

Key points for your security:

  • Pro Plant Care possesses 2M in liability insurance and carries Alberta Workers Compensation.
  • Pro Plant Care requires all staff to have a Canadian Police Certificate (Criminal Record Check).
  • Quality Performance: Supervisors will visit your site regularly to review the general health and appearance of your plants and to ensure your satisfaction with our services.

We are so sure you will love the difference that, if you aren’t satisfied at the end of two months, or service is FREE!


Guaranteed Replacements: We guarantee our maintenance services. Should a plant fail, we will replace it promptly with a new plant of the same or similar size, variety and value AT NO COST TO YOU! However, we cannot guarantee against vandalism, light changes, extreme heat and cold, unauthorized watering or moving of plants.


Free Monthly Trials: Not sure, need to see the difference. We can make that happen too!

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