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About Pro Plant Care

 About - This is where you can find information about Pro Plant Care and its history.

Pro Plant Care Services

 Services - This is a page that will like you to details of Pro Plant Care services

- Rental and Maintenance-

- Our Guarantee to You

- Living Plant Walls

- Holiday Plant Decor

- Corporate Gift Plants

- Exterior Landscape Design


 Testimonials - Allow us to share some of our happy customers' comments

 Photo Gallery

 Photo Gallery- A photo slide show of some of our plantscapes.

 FAQ & Research Benefits

 FAQ & Research Benefits - You may be very surprised when you read about some of the benefits of live plants in an office or a home. We answer the most asked questions but if you don't see your question, this page offers an email link.

 Lethbridge Entrepreneur News

 Lethbridge Entrepreneur News - Pro Plant Care is very community minded and since we are Entrepreneurs, we like to share information with other Entrepreneurs or future Entrepreneurs.

 Lethbridge Rental Properties

 Lethbridge Rental Properties - Looking to rent in Lethbridge, we offer well maintained and reliable properties.

 Contact Pro Plant Care

 Contact Pro Plant Care - Give us a call, send us a Tweet, friend us on Facebook or send us a LinkedIn message. We would love to hear from you.