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If you are like 85% of our clients who prefer to rent, we have a Rental & Maintenance Program where we design, install and maintain the plants and containers in your businesses. These are our most popular programs:

 ~ Tight on Space... Big on Impact Program $149

~  First Impression Program $110

~  Workplace Image Program $149

~  Human Resources Well-Being Program $249

Call us and we will customize a Program just for your needs.


We also have a Guaranteed Maintenance Program if you own your plants and feel they need our expert care, we can do that for you too!


Design - Install - Rental - Maintenance

Clean - Prune - Water


Call us for a free, no obligation quote. We come to your location, do a walk through, get your ideas, write you up a design and hand you a quote...



Our design can be installed usually within 2 weeks.


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First Impression Program $110